Q.1. How, What and why Sterilization?
Ans.:ALL MEDICALCONSUMABLES gauze, cotton, linen and medical devices—such as syringes needles, gloves ,catheter drains and drainage tubes to implants needs to be made bacteria free for human applications and procedures—and the process of doing so is called STERILISATION.
Above mentioned products come in contact with body fluids they should be free of all micro-organism so that human being does not suffer infection.
Various means of sterilisation process are available and practiced by the clinicians---but the considered BEST FORM OF STERILISATION is GAMMA IRRADIATION---most effective and accepted all over the world.
Q.2. Why infection prevention?
Ans.: As they say Prevention is better than cure,- Infection remains the major cause of increased hospital stay, and is responsible for high rates of morbidity and mortality of the patients.. Therefore it has become necessary to introduce effective infection prevention measures and bacterial barriers.
Q.3. What are bacterial barrier products in medical terms for Users?
Ans.:Bacteria are infective micro-organisms. Use of bacterial barriers like the specialized disposable fabrics which have proven to contain spread of infection by contamination to the user as well as prevent cross infections from patient to doctor and vice-versa.
Q.4. Why Disposable products over conventional products?
Ans.:All disposable products are preferred because of being efficacious, economically cost effective and having acquired high levels of Sterility (SAL) which provide the Doctor and the patient a sense of confidence of a successful surgical procedure.
Q.5. Purpose of use of Disposable Products?
Ans.:All disposable products are made for SINGLE USE preventing infections delivering a cost effective alternate to de-stress the hospital infrastructure and better care for the patient.
Q.6. How is cost to the Hospital and patient reduced?
Ans.:All major hospitals have an over stressed CSSD (Central Sterilization Depot), and GAMMA IRRDIATION sterilization plants cannot be erected in each medical facility, therefore out sourcing pre-packed comprehensive Sterile Surgical consumable products is an effective cost saving measure for the hospital as well as ensuring quality parameters.
Q.7. How are quality parameters of the Medical disposables ensured?
Ans.:Governments all over the world ensure quality of medical products through FDA- (Food and Drug Administration), in our case the Office of the Drug Controller of India, who apart from a regulatory and quality monitoring authority in India also issues the Licence to produce such products and ensure adherence through periodic inspections and unannounced surprise checks.
Q.8. How is sterility guaranteed?
Ans.:Each product batch is tested for sterility and a report is mandatory along with a Dosimetry report for medical disposables, which have been processed for medical grade sterility (as prescribed) through GAMMA radiation process.
Q.9. What is the benefit to the patient?
Ans.:Prevents infection resulting in faster healing of wounds thereby reducing number of medicines, hospital stay, subsequent doctor visits leading to lower medical costs.
Q.10. Can these products be used on veterinary Doctors?
Ans.:All sterile surgical products made by us can be used by veterinary Doctors with similar results in care of animals.