New Products
1.  U-Drape Article No. UD/029
2.  Gyneagology Drape Article No. GD/030
3.  Fenestrated Drape Article No. FD/031
4.  Viginal Drape Article No. VD/032
5.  Endo Trachel Tube Fixator Article No. ETF/033
  • Processed through Gama Radiation - Guaranteeing Sterility.
  • Colour changing Sticker fixed on each pack confirming sterility processing.
  • Long shelf Life of 3 years.
  • Easy and handy to carry.
  • Prevents Infection in field Conditions where sterility is suspect or cannot be maintained.
  • Ready and convenient to use.
  • Moisture and atmospheric heat resistant Packing till punctured.
  • Outer cover can be reversed and used as a sterile table spread.
  • Permanently heat sealed - Paper laminated packing to prevent contamination.
  • The non-woven fabric used provides a good infective barrier.
  • Products are sterile and a total replacement of GAUZE, COTTON, GOWN AND LENIN.
  • Being dry is light weight and cost effective to transport in sterilized form.
  • All add onís are provided in individual sterilized packages as required.
  • A Disposable product reduces drastically the incidence of Nosocomial and Hospital acquired infection to the patient offering better care.
  • Customized procedure specific sterilized packs as per requirement and design of medical professionals is actively pursued.
  • The product is dispensed in standard containers with a stamp of the radiation unit.
  • Disposable for Single use only.