BRIEF History of Sterilization: Surgical techniques having made major strides in the past few decades, the focus of Surgeons has increased to an infection free surgical scenario. This can be ensured by absolute sterlisation of surgical instruments, linen and surgical & medical consumables. Validated standard sterlisation methods including autoclaving , ETO, Plasma Sterlisation and Gamma Radiation are used in various situations in hospitals
About Us: The Company was started in 1992 by a team of two women doctors, who envisioned the concept of sterility in every day surgery. DR VEENA KRISHNA M.D Pharmacology and Dr PROMILLA BUTANI a Pediatrician pioneered this path breaking venture, to set up an industry of Disposable dressing packs Sterilised by gamma irradiation for the first time in INDIA. MR SANJAY ARORA and MR MANOJ ARORA, astute business men, with a panoramic vision, joined some years later to steer the company ahead towards a successful and forward looking venture. To give the company a surgeon's vision we have a team of committed surgical consultants who innovate and develop new products with new ideas with a hands on approach.
Plant Location:Located in the pristine back drop of Aravali Hills on National Highway 8, in industrial township of Shahjehanpur dist. Alwar, 104 kms form New Delhi.
Plant & Machinery: Is a self-contained facility with a systematic layout, following GMP standards and ISO norms. The operations of production are handled by experienced industry professionals with a team of energetic and skilful workforce.
1. Valid Licence from The Drug controller, Govt. of Rajasthan Government of India, as the first manufacturing unit of Disposable Surgical Dressing Packs & related products.
2. Valid Factory Licence and other statutory approvals.
Accreditations: ISO (9001-2008) and WHO GMP (Good Medical Practices) certified.
QA and QC: Stringent quality control measures and checks are adopted at different stages of production to ensure quality including in house testing of gauze and cotton. Sterility testing of post sterilised product – Gauze and Cotton (culture and plating) are done routinely. Independent external agency audits are carried out periodically.
Cost Effective: Our products ease the burden of the over stressed CSSDs'. Being dry, light in weight, with a long shelf life and packed in tamper proof heat sealed pouches or bags in sterile condition, which can be stored in racks and carried long distances. Outsourcing sterilisation of surgical & medical consumables has proved to be convenient and economical for hospitals and in patient care in the long run.
Testing Facilities: We have, an in house laboratory where we mandatorily test quality of material, sterility of product etc., documented by sterility reports for authenticity of the Sterilized Products.
Health Benefits: Our products guarantee sterility and hygiene, thereby reducing infection, morbidity and mortality..
  • First in India to put together and produce Sterile & Disposable Comprehensive Surgical Packs
  • First in India to produce Specific Surgical Procedural Comprehensive packs that are sterile and disposable.
  • Supplied all our products to the Indian Army for the wounded in field conditions during Kargil conflict in 1999.
  • The First manufacturing unit awarded the Drug License by Drug Controller – Rajasthan Govt. of India for such a product.
  • Growth & Progress: The Company with extensive research and development over the years has introduced many other products like maternity packs, hip replacement packs etc use of which .have grown exponentially.
    Clients and Users: The products are used extensively by Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Ambulance Staff, NGO’s for Disaster management and the Defence and Paramilitary forces in field conditions where sterility is suspect and difficult to maintain.
    Salient Features of Steripac Products:
  • Colour changing radiation (Indication) stickers fixed on each pack confirming sterility process.
  • Long shelf life of 3 years
  • Comprehensive packs, handy to carry
  • Being dry , they are light weight and cost effective to transport in sterilised form.
  • Ready and convenient to use in DISASTER MANAGEMNT.
  • Moisture and atmospheric heat resistant packing .
  • Permanently heat sealed - Paper laminated packing to prevent contamination.
  • Outer cover can be reversed and used as a sterile table spread
  • Prevents Infection in field conditions where sterility is suspect or cannot be maintained.
  • Non-woven fabric used provides a good infective barrier
  • The products are dispensed in standard containers with a stamp of the radiation unit.
  • Our Products reduce the incidence of Nosocomial and Hospital acquired infections.
  • Disposable for SINGLE USE ONLY
  • All add ons’ can be provided in individual sterilized packages as required.
  • Packs can be customised according to specific surgical requirements.
  • Utility of STERIPAC:
  • Part of First Aid Kits, NGOs' free distribution programs Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Management etc
  • Large Dressing packs are used for all large wound dressings and procedure in hospitals, by adding other instruments available which makes these packs more user friendly suitable for a specific purpose. .
  • Small & Mini packs – are basically meant for dressings depending on wound. These packs can also be used by patients at home for self dressing of post surgical wounds.
  • Stitch removal packs – are meant for stitch removal and dressing of wounds.
  • Ophthalmology packs – are ideal for cataract surgery in hospital and field conditions and eye camps.
  • Operation Theatre Packs: are complete replacement of GAUZE COTTON GOWN AND LINEN incase of major surgeries.
    All these packs can be conveniently used by medical professionals and paramedics in clinics, nursing home , hospitals ,homes and field conditions. They can also be utilized for veterinary care.
  • Information contained is for medical professionals and for private circulation only.